OWI 2nd Offense Laws

If you are arrested on a second offense OWI charge in Wisconsin, you are probably aware of the criminal court process. You may, however, be unsure of the types of penalties you are facing this time around. Now more than ever, you need an experienced OWI attorney to assist you with your case and work to avoid the harsh penalties you are facing.

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The penalties for OWI get progressively harsher as you re-offend. What this means is that even if your blood alcohol content was lower this time around, you are likely looking at a much more severe punishment.

We all make mistakes, we are human. Sometimes we have to make the same mistake more than once. I know you are probably remorseful about the incident that led to your charge. I am here to help you get the best possible outcome when facing charges as serious as this.

I have handled numerous OWI cases in Wisconsin and know what you are up against. I know the players in the Wisconsin criminal courts and have gained respect among my colleagues and clients alike. I want the opportunity to gain your respect.

Wisconsin OWI Laws – 2nd Offense

The legal limit for 1st-3rd time offenders is .08%. A police officer does not have to witness you driving in order for you to be charged with OWI. If you get into your vehicle and start it, this is enough for the charge to stick.

Wisconsin 2nd Offense OWI Penalties

The charges and potential penalty you will face for an OWI charge depend on how many prior convictions for OWI you have had.

Charge Potential Jail Fine License Revocation Occupational License Eligibility
2nd 5 days- 6 months $350-$1,100 12- 18 months After minimum 60 days
3rd 30 days- 1 yr. $600- $2,000 2-3 years After minimum 90 days
4th 60 days- 1 yr. $600- $2,000 2-3 years After minimum 90 days
5th + 6 months- 6 yrs. $600- $10,000 2-3 years After minimum 90 days
  • In addition to the above penalties, your vehicle may be seized and become property of the State of Wisconsin.
  • You may be required to use an interlock ignition device once you are allowed to drive again. This device requires you to take a breath test before starting your vehicle.
  • With every OWI conviction you will also earn 6 demerit points on your driving record.

It is extremely important to note that once you have been convicted of 4 or more OWIs, your legal limit is reduced to .02%. Once you pass this threshold you can be charged with an additional OWI for as little as one drink depending on your weight.

Ref: Wisconsin Statute 346.63

Free Consultation on a 2nd Offense OWI Charge in Wisconsin

OWI’s are penalties continue to get tougher under Wisconsin law, and judges are much less sympathetic. If you are facing another OWI charge you want to be sure you have the best attorney on your side. Call me to discuss your charges today.

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