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Charged With a Crime in WI? Get the Best Legal Defense Advice You Can

If you’ve been arrested on a criminal charge, I know you are very concerned about what can happen to you. You may be facing serious fines, driver’s license suspension, and even jail time. And there are a host of other serious difficulties that go along with being convicted of a criminal charge. You could end up with a permanent criminal record that can follow you for life.

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But it doesn’t have to happen that way.

You’ve been taught that our system of criminal laws is set up to benefit the defendant – Innocent Until Proven Guilty, and beyond a reasonable doubt.

And while that’s true in theory and in general, the system is far from perfect. In the real world, if your case isn’t defended aggressively and vigorously, you can easily be convicted of a charge which much less proof then that. Judges and juries are human, and they make mistakes.

My job as a Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer is to fight for the accused, and not care about anything else but the best interests of my client. In an adversarial system, where the prosecutor only cares about getting a conviction, the absolute commitment of the defense attorney is vital.

So who you have defending you does make a difference. You need to choose carefully to find someone you are comfortable with, and confident has your best interests at heart.

Take advantage of my offer to get your questions answered, and I’ll tell you exactly what I am prepared to do to help you at this difficult time.

I look foward to speaking with you, and offering you my advice and help.

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